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Not all financial professionals are held to the same standard of care.  At Investor FAN - we are investment advisor representatives that are held to a fiduciary standard.

Advisors are Fiduciaries.

Advisors are held to a fiduciary standard.  A fiduciary is held to the highest standard of care and a fiduciary must place your interests first.  Most investors, after learning that Advisors are fiduciaries and brokers and insurance agents are not, opt to utilize an investment Advisor for their financial service needs.


Advisors tell you exactly how much they are getting paid.

No one likes to be charged fees, but in this world a fee is more clear and transparent than hidden commissions and expenses.  Investment Advisors typically charge a fee based on the assets managed. You know exactly how much you are paying, fees are clearly stated in writing, and There is no incentive for your Advisor to recommend one product over another for a higher commission


Advisors have Investment Flexibility.

Since Advisors' fees are based on the assets and not on the products, they are not limited to investments that pay a commission.  Advisors have access to an open architecture of investments, including no-load mutual funds, loaded mutual funds purchased at the net asset value (NAV), institutional money managers, stocks, bonds, UITs and ETFs.


Advisors have aligned interests with yours.

Because your advisory relationship is not based on commissions, you will know that any investment recommendations or decisions are for the best interest of your portfolio.  The inherent nature of the relationship is an alignment of interests between you and the Advisor - If your assets go up, the Advisor makes more; If your assets go down, the Advisor makes less. 

Let's Work Together

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